Chinatown and Soho New York - Good Lunches

Forget Grimaldi's or whatever the restaurant on Spring Street is called - Lombardi's - the best Pizza is right beside there L'asso 192 Mott St - thin crust , great sauce, nice vibe - not overrun with touristicos...its cool tasty and great! They have happy hour with $1 slices! Try em you'll like em.

So say you want a clean diner style - try the Cup & Saucer 89 Canal Street - I like to have a grilled chicken on a soft roll and a pint of milk.

Fancy a great barebecue pork chop - Thai Son - 89 Baxter St - get over rice or a la carte for more chops - even better. A little dopey staff wise but the chops are worth it.

And my favourite lunch special - Excellent Dumpling House - 111 Lafayette St - near a lot of subway stops - all the lunch specials are great and the service is fast - try the won ton soup starter or hot and sour or the drop all great. A lot of folks do the scallion pancakes, fried dumplings with gloops of hot sauce (!!) and soups - its all good. I like the fish and black bean sauce right now but the curry is good, the beef broccoli was a fav of mine for a long time... its a great value place.

So bella - here we go up Mulberry street - try the Saltimbuco a la Romano in Caffe Sorrento - a little pricier and also try La Mela for their lunch special - have a veal/chicken special or meatball and spaghetti - treat yourself to a glass of wine while you are at it have travelled far and its by the glass!

There's a lot of nice places of course but these are just a few of my fav's for lunch...I'll update with the vegetarian option on Broome, the best Thai curry - there a few contenders for that actually..and best burger and fries - that's in Cafe Habana Elizabeth Street has great fries and burger...a little cramped and hot but a cool crowd attends.

Thai Curry update - a nice place on 141 Grand Street at Lafayette called Thai Angels has a great lunch special - can be a little hot but very tasty.


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