Goals Aims for 2009

Write Musical about Work and/or Love using Songs I have already and some more co-written ones.

Record piano tunes professionally with rhythm section backing band.

Record more home demo's and more pro demos with a variety of people and places

Do 1/2 gigs of any sort per month

Put out 1/2 CD's - mastered professionally with graphics for cover-art, merch and web

Set up alternate business to do e-commerce setups for 3rd parties to support musical output - Linked-in

Co-write with AC.

Promote Laughjohnlaugh online in all channel's - use adverts on my blogs and other sites

Go on Tour of New York City, State, Tri-State, College and Ireland to promote my CD - Radio/TV/Papers

Design Merchandise for sale at gigs

Work harder at marketing

Be more confident in every aspect

Do more music related courses like the Berklee Online Courses

Start a small TV show on BCAT - with humor and other practical spots - cookery technology etc for example Interview 1 musician /songwriter per week like the Artists studio -

Get support Gigs and build a network of support, fan base and help.

Do Gigs in Churches - get a special CD produced for that market - record my good Christian tunes.

Apply for Arts funding from someone somewhere somehow to support my Art- Unions, Government Art philanthropists

Go on radio Irish/USA Public Radio

Keep Writing more and more good songs

Network with more professionals

Get professional advice and feedback on my songs and learn as much as I can about craft. Go to Nashville again with some purpose and do some co-writes.

Visit some publishers - have product

Visit some record companies - make new recordings

Education - get more education in technology and music, practice more - sharpen the saw and keep it sharp.

Keep attending to my music lessons in piano ( Lyudmila ) and get more voice training with Sally Morgan Ace Vox teacher www.vocalpowertools.com/singers-singing-lessons.htm

Have more fun and enjoy life.

Love more! Share the love!


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