I am writing a musical

I never really thought about it but I realized I really like (some) Musicals such as "O Brother where art thou', Wiz of Oz, My Fair Lady, Willy Wonka and other fun and zany musicals like that and I love writing songs so I have put them together thanks to the idea of my co-writer Miss A.C. We are writing and developing ideas one or more musicals using our already fab songs and some more that we are working on right now.

'Work: the musical' and 'Love Sucks: the musical' are the working titles. I am really excited right now and am really psyched about the project. We are meeting regularly and we aim to have one finished by Mid March.

There are 3 co-writes in process. 'Murphy's law' - when things always seem to go wrong (at work) , 'Don't give up the day job' - that hopefully will be about the discouraging friend damning our songwriting dreams with faint praise and finally 'That's business' which is the most brutally funny one - its brutal and its funny.

Another song I feel I'd like to try is a positive message song which I already have one of but maybe one along the lines of 'Accentuate the positive' or "Enjoy Yourself -its later than you think"

Here are the titles of songs so far written.

Work: The dark side
Don't want to go to work tomorrow
The shareholder song
Its late December (its a money thing)
Do we never do enough?
In dark days
Workers of the world

Other Characters
Self made man - Boss/CEO
That's Business! ( New)

I need some company
Found love
Cant stop thinking about you

Co Writes
Don't give up the day job
Murphy's law
That's business

Positive Message Song
Positive songs- treasure

Co-writing is going to be challenging and will definitely have growing pains while we form a working alliance together and negotiate content etc.

Things to do are to sort out the book and work out the exact plot lines - I have been working on that and am pleased so far but I could easily have some one knock the straw out of me or I wouldn't have the heart to go on or be able to think about it because I lacked the courage - sounds familiar its of course - the Wiz of Oz - but I digress my musical is about work ... that's it.


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