Work, work, busy, busy

- I'm still writing: songs that is!

Well since I last wrote I have continued to work on co-writing which showed me a good side to my work method - speed. AC is more measured and structured - that's not me but I do note it as I pass by - "oh I need a bit here, that can be the Chorus and other self-talk as the process unfolds revealing another creative dawn. I have the ability to persevere at a single song writing co-write session and develop a fully fleshed song.

Yesterday we wrote a song called The Unemployment Blue's with an accidental co-writer CL and last week with my usual co-writer AC I sat down with her guitar came up with a riff and encouraged her AC to pitch in so she did and came up with a gem - 'Get the hell out of here' ... so we proceeded to work through the verses, after we exhausted that I continued onto a more MAJOR pre chorus and chorus. It felt good if a little short so I later added some extra lines to extend the impact of the chorus repetition. I pulled and encouraged as much unedited content out of her and added some of my own spices and we decided to edit it later. At that point I was scaring the neighbor's. Went home happy as it was the base of a great song if a little angry in tone...

Yesterday, Sunday at the NSAI chapter met on co-writing (Songwriters association or support group as my friend refers to it) "Hi my name is John and I'm a compulsive songwriter - "yes well just share the verse and we'll join in the chorus"

... anyway we were thrown together randomly and from CL's life experience we drew a song called the unemployment Blue's - its a very fast paced and timely story of modern laid off life.

I hope to appear at Ceol in Wednesday for the Wednesday Song Club so I need to pull along a few guests and spread the word - so if you are in NYC come along after 8 pm.


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