SonicBids- Good or Bad?

SonicBids and TAXI - PAY to PLAY

Sonic Bids is a membership site that allows you to build an online Press Kit and search for gigs and songwriting opportunities.

In Sonic Bids case the user joins the site usually to enter some kind of competition to get a gig or enter a songwriting competition. Seems OK so far but we the members still have to pay another entry fee for the opportunity. Perhaps I'm a malcontent ( I can be a pain if needs insist) but nothing much comes of the investment of funds except it seems that the already impoverished musician lays out even more money to pay to play.

Pro's and Con's

THE EPK Electronic Press Kit does tell you how many hits it has received and is not a bad thing at all in itself but you should get something so is that it? What seems to me to be happening is that the musician is getting stiffed in the deal. The Promoter gets some cash and the site gets cash but what do I get Oh Oh What do I get! as the Buzzcocks asked once upon a time. I would like to know what the split is when an opportunity is offered on the SB website. Here are some figures I got directly from SB helpdesk - I did not yet receive an answer for the split between the money for the promoter and the website owner. I do hope they look up and around and make sure that the offering is worth the admission price please.

Total Listings 3863
OPEN 534
2- 5 dollars 301 56%
6 to 10 167 31%
Over $10- 66 12%

There is an advanced search tool somewhere on SB to find the $2-$10 listings but I have not found it on the site. So I guess this situation can be regarded as the ante - we have to cough up now just to send a record company our music - Great - how much? Laughs all round on the way to the bank.

Suggestions to improve SB
  • The video upload needs a Supersonic Membership for a few extra dollars - throw that in as standard.
  • The site is very slow - they need to work on speeding that up by a great deal
  • Reduce price of opportunities and release info on the benefits to the used
  • Profit Share: return to the used a portion of the profits generated with SB technology gifting, online education courses, scholarships and bursaries for professional musicians.
  • CD of SB Musicians/Songwriters in different styles
  • Showcases in major cities
  • Publisher Events - songwriters need to get advice, help and introductions
  • Sonic Bids Foundation - contribute to Medical Insurance Funds for Musicians


I'm probably going to try TAXI next and see what that has to offer - hopefully it will be a useful site - any comments form Songwriters who have used this site/service?


Anonymous said…
I was a member of sonicbids.
the reason sonicbids is good is bc its an industry standard. kinda like protools,you dont have to use protools to make a good song but everyone says you do.
for the most part sonicbids just takes your money. they have sleazy promoters who just want to get your money.
i have met a couple of promoters that i am very glad that i met. but at the same time Ive spent hundreds of dollars on sonicbids and i all ways get a suspicious vibe from them
another thing i noticed about sonic bids (quick story)

i have been a member for about a year and have never been late on a payment. i submitted to hundreds of gigs mostly at one time. including a gig promoted by them selves, "artists spot light" they never selected me and the never changed my status to not selected or over due or on file it just said submitted. ok, so I'm late for my payment for a couple of days and strangely enough, all the gigs that i submitted too replied as "not selected" firstly the sonicbids "artist spot light".

i find that very strange.

Ive also tried to complain about a promoter on sonicbids and never replied or did anything about the aw full experience i had off of THEIR promoter drop box.

any way the problems go on and on for sonicbids.

its a good start if you have nothing to start with and you are trying to get your foot in the door but once its in the door, then make your way out of sonicbids. :)
laughjohnlaugh said…
Thanks Anon for the commentary and additions I wasn't aware of those issues ... I don't want to be too hard on the SB but folks may just flee(ce) even if its the industry standard ... John

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