Do it! Do anything! Just do it now, then do it again!

Change again and again and again!
I have been considering the meaning of change over time recently -
unless we change today then tomorrow won't have new excitement and
thrills. I am going into new areas marketing my gigs so that's a big change for me to advertise this person who writes and more occasionally sings songs too.

  • Do something every day to advance career
  • Pro-Active
  • arrival. “I’ve made it!- erm made what?” Kaizen: Small change over time creates HUGE CHANGE over time so that’s very much a principle of the tortoise and the hare. The destination is an adventure in itself so endeavor to travel beautifully and enjoy the scenery. This may well be 'the whole thing' not just the arrival at the destination.


  • Join U tube – post my videos there
  • Facebook
  • Create and use FanBridge Mailing List
  • Create a HTML mail letter send to my friends, associates,
    colleagues, soccer buddies and so on to invite them to my Gig
    Bar 169 on 8th May
  • Rent space for creativity, rehearsal activity videos storage
  • Update my achievements regularly to encourage me and maintain
  • Blog at least once per week


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