May Day May Day

MAY 2009 - I wanted to add this post-script to the month and write a list of the things I achieved in May 2009

I attended Songwriter's Guild of America training in May with a brilliant melodic and song structure trainer - writer Martin Briley - hit song writer of 'Salt in my Tears' ... he's great so if you get a chance go along to one of his training sessions.

I helped a Folk- pop artist called Bertolf and his Dutch video crew make a video for his single ' Mr Light' release is due next week - I'm really looking forward to seeing it. Bertolf U tube Link

I went to the Songwriters Hall of Fame NYC seminars for 6 weeks meeting with publishers - high point was the great Marcy Drexler - wonderful woman with #1 knowledge of the business side of songwriting with a fine ear to boot and always an encouraging word for us new to song-business. The always happy Peter Bliss led us in the workshops and critique's - It was a great pleasure to meet with Ebatya, Jeff, the two Judy's and Amy.

I continued working on my voice with voice coach Sally Morgan - speaking on pitch is a great idea.

I played several times at the open mic on Smith street with my friends Niall Connolly from Cork and 'Ryan and the Lions'.

I have continued to co write with Annie C and write independently. I am continuing to invest in new equipment and am in process of working on a new studio space with some sound proofing but its shabby right now and need's work on electricity , floor, door windows, ceiling and flooring.

NSAI - Sunday monthly meeting with the Nashville Songwriters group - last Sunday of month - they give a much needed critique of my new songs - often uncovering heretofore unnoticed issues with lyrical content especially.

I continued to take my piano lessons and also attended SPONY to pitch a song.

I am receiving great feedback for one particular song and will hope to demo it when I feel the lyrical content is just right. It seems great melodically right now.



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