Health Care Reform and the Songwriter

I attended a function in New York yesterday evening and the venue was packed with a diverse array of people engaged in the Music Business ( Songwriters, Musicians with some Producers, Managers, Record Company Executive’s and Entrepreneur’s etc) in the 5 Boro’s. During the intro we were asked for a show of hands to say who had and who had no Health Insurance. Vast majority of these young people did not have insurance – this is a terrible shame. How come it’s ok to give several trillion to banks who already have more than enough money. Why are the folks ok about spending Trillions on 'Attack' ie Defense Budget but not be willing to spend it on those citizens of this country who don’t have basic health 'defense'?

The crazies on the edges of the dilaogues seem to be winning again by putting out fearful messages and creating lies to frighten old people. I have heard of false reports being dissemintaed that the Government is going to help old people die if health care reform takes place. Some of these people killing the possibilty for these young peoples health care purport to be called Christians - why do these commentators need to be so unfair, crazy sounding and hateful; that can't be a good sign- 'by their fruits you will know them'.

If any of us are to succeed in Music Business it may mean leaving more secure employment either gradually or taking the plunge and then devoting ourselves full time to our passions until we make a breakthrough. It seems sensible to me to a have a health insurance safety net so that until such time as we become successful that we musician's can take huge financial risks of ploughing money into recording demo’s, touring and buying expensive equipment etc without having to also throw in our very health into the gamble too. A fairer system will help new businesses to grow if people who are creative can start businesses without having to worry so much about their health care needs.

I believe if we free up the health market and have a basic system in place for most people and a super duper system for those who can afford it then it will be a basically fairer place in line with the constitution – all men are born equal – is that not what it said?America, America ... what would the founding father's say about us?


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