Do something new!

I'm doing something new - do you not perceive it

I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.

Here are a few recent affirmations I have found useful in my recent creative journey - scraps of sunlight on a damp day reflecting off the pavement.

No! - why? No is ok - maybe you missed that lesson. "Why?" - is your friend along with when? what? how? where? and if you are working - How much?

Start something new! Do something new today - see the opening phrases - life is short; don't risk being bored with the same old thing.

When @ work always listen to WII-FM - "What's in it for me" - otherwise get ripped off, laid off, paid less, about faced and generally slop out for the guys n gals whose job it is to pay you as little for your creativity as you allow them to.

Earn to learn - are you learning something while you work? - I parlayed a crappy badly paid job learning the ropes in an industry into a job interview where I was the only possible candidate by using this principle in my life. Turn shit into diamonds.

Shut up and do it! - tell people and you will feel like you have already done it. Instead try to put your energy into planning with other implementers; but not with everybody. Creativity can feel like an end in itself - it's not.

Buy assets - this I wish I knew better how to do - please help me!

Get out of the Muse's way - stand clear while the plentiful inspirations are being given in abundance - you can then go in afterward and pick out the best bits. The Muse wants to see if you are worthy and can tell trash from gold. Can you?


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