SHOF Hall of Fame Showcase

Bitter End New York City

In the famous Bitter End venue on Bleecker Street, New York, open for 35 years; there is a fading pink poster for Arlo Gutherie on the wall in the back with a date on it Dec 20th - thru Jan 1 - I wondered what year? it doesn't say. Was I even born? I remember as a child in Ireland listening to Arlo's story of 'Alice's Restaurant' on late night radio as I lay in my room late at night with my radio gently murmuring. I have always liked listening to late night radio -it's very soothing. I was very excited about the record but my town was full of sneerer's and no one really shared my enthusiasm ... oh well! I loved it and printed out the lyric's recently just for fun.

I am being honored next month along with Arlo at the ASCAP Awards - so that is a wonderful synchronicity as he is the main awardee. My Jay Gorney award is for my fun message song - The Unemployment Blue's.

Last night several upcoming writers were included in a showcase event for the Songwriter's Hall of Fame - I was on 3rd and played the Unemployment Blue's, Peace and sang the vocals on AC's and my co-write "Don't love you like I used to" I need to be playing more - I am a very prolific writer but would benefit from more stage time to sharpen up my performance chops. I would relax into it more too the more I played out. I played with my co writer AC so that was great to have another musician along with me.

Last act was an Indian combo who really had a good vibe a kind of girl Indian Pop Nusratt Fateh Ali Khan - I had an idea for a co-write with them so that would be a fun thing to try - FALU.

Other folks who played were a team of acoustic/grunge/new rock COUNTRY guys Sellers Wray and a selection of attractively proportioned and voiced ladies of various styles - I liked Bri's 'Hours days & years' song and Gabriella's 'Savory Sweet' was very clever and melodic and slightly risque in a good way.

Do I change my name? It was spelt wrong in the program but we fixed it by hand before gig with a pen - thanks Annie! It was great to goin the last few years from having my nose pressed to glass wondering what was going on in venue to attending as an audience member then to actually playing on the stage - wow, onward and upward to the topmost of the popperpost guys!


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