Gigs in June for LAUGHJOHNLAUGH!

Sometimes you wait around for a bus and three come along at once - now the temp is up some opportunities to get out and perform have popped up.

I was invited to perform at a Spring Concert in Ditmas Park last weekend. I worked with the Church Music Director to prepare a lead sheet for the choir to sing with me on a song called PEACE (within my mind). I was expecting my performance to be included as part of the first half of show and I did a solo of The Unemployment Blues and Nowhere without you. I was surprised and delighted to find that Peace had been selected to close the show because of its 'energy' Wow I was thrilled and gratified at the compliment - it was actually a good decision as it turned out to be a very participatory song where people sang with us. The choir and audience had a great time and wanted a reprise - so the choir started up again on the chorus and we sang it on our feet. So that made me feel like I am doing something right in amongst the other less mountain top moments us songwriters get.

I decided to visit Vox Pop in Brooklyn for their usual Sunday 'Punxsatawny' led Open Mic...they had a decent way of allocating the spots on the sign up sheet by having two rolls of identical tickets, Getting an early ticket allowed one to select a spot on the sign up sheet to perform. AC and I signed up together thinking this would help ease getting on and off stage - turns out that was interdit but anyway AC was chastened and we continued.

I sang Things Change, Peace and ye olde faithful popular audience song The Unemployment Blues - so I hope to appear at a full show there later in month.

This evening I appear at the Bitter end for the Songwriters Hall of Fame Showcase and CD launch - perform 'Things Change' with AC - it sounds good and we are near top of Bill so that means either we are very good or everyone else gets to go home before us ...



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