VoxPop Is a relaxed co-cooperatively owned cafe /bar/bookshop that is like a social-center on Cortelyou/Ditmas Park. When I first arrived into the NYC music scene I first started playing in a bar called the Cornerstone right beside Cortelyou Station. It is now called SOLO. The host was Chris (PunxsataweneyJesus) - some years later we reconnect and he is host of the Sunday Open Mic in VP. I performed in VP on Sunday open mic slot and he invited me to play a full set at the Thursday "Open Mic Presents" show.

I selected my set list early on but made constant re-adjustments to it dropping songs that just were not fitting in. I struggled too with 'Why are the Honey Bee's dying" and was n't going to play it cause it's slow and thought provoking - oh dear me! and I dont want to drone on and on but it received an attentive listening. I sang a lot of socially aware songs last night - more lyrically impact-ful but a few of my less thoughtful songs like Nowhere Without You/Antigua were very well received in fact.

Set List
# Things Change
# Why are the honey-bee's dying?
# Antigua
# Step Monster
# Bailout
# One Drink
# Price of the Medicine
# Unemployment Blues
# My Mom
# Peace
# Weary Kind
# Nowhere without you
# 12345 Flowers


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