Recent Gigs: Great Hill Arts Festival, Central Park NYC

Played Central Park - Great Hill Arts Festival

I now have something more in common with Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel - highly exalted folk guitar strumming singer- songwriter company - I played a gig in central park!

Yesterday was a sizzling hot day on the pavements of NYC as we searched for a nice n cool place to have snack before the show. Found a nice French pastry shop and have some delic pink lemonade and french sandwiches.

I was invited along with some other local singer songwriters in the city to participate in the inaugural Great Hill Arts Festival - and yes it really is on a hill and when it's so white hot the trek is quite a trip.

After some setup time we got under way and Luis wowed us with some melancholy Latin/Spanish-ish picking and singing. Luis supplied PA and thanks go out to him as well as festival organizer Vanessa S. Some other performers were members of the Gotham Songwriters Robert and Annie C.

I was a little nervous earlier in day but started off with my happy Caribbean song "Antigua", played Kazooo on The Unemployment Blues, had a backing vox Elizabeth on 'Peace' and finally dancers/performers and a child doing 'the robot' on '12345 Flowers, Flowers' - it was FUN!

It was a light and fun set and I played a new tune called 'Legends' at the end. Even my political songs were relaxed as befitted the day.

Might have brought a snack and a glass of something for after my set but otherwise a great way to enjoy New York and Central Park in particular.

I also invested in a piece of Art - an original print that was part of the festival so want to get that framed and up on wall shortly.

Over and out.


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