Busy, Busy

I don't have the Unemployment Blues -

Sometimes they say life imitates Art - well maybe it does ... and maybe it does n't.

Last month I was 1099'd and now am self-employed; so far so good when I can roll with it and get work... To keep busy and some income to pay the bills I'm developing websites The latest and greatest has been for my friend and artist/musician/producer extraordinaire Peter Litvin - he's the clown dude! Anyway check it out on peterlitvinmusic.com.

I wrote the Unemployment Blues (ASCAP Award Winner) with C. when she was made redundant, let go or whatever transition it was ... and we wrote 'on the sofa like a slob' ... it ain't so; I seem to be busier than ever networking musically and business wise.

Skylarktechteam.com - Man they are the dudes with the IT know how - yessir - check them out!

So recently I have been in the studio recording

  • Price of the medicine
  • Happy Christmas
  • Don't want to mess up
  • Legends
Today I have been working on a quasi comic pseudo sorta dance track - whaat!

Where are all the short titles -? Don't worry they are all awesome songs - seriously catchy and all very different - I'm nothing if not versatile and varied - don't want to get bored that's what.

I finally got a piano - a little Wurlitzer Spinette which needs a little more attention but is getting me back into the piano groove for sure.

Still writing of course, this is like a catch up Blog for all the things I have been at -



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