TAXI - Conference

Does my bum look big this?

I got my Sthuff together for TAXI conference in LA November 2010

Wow! that's a great reaction! Making Feemster jump up ...

Bought Virgin flight, decent yet affordable room ( with a pool n breakfast ) but no advertised boiled eggs (ahh!) I had a mastered disc produced of my latest recordings and prepared some original artwork for the CD surface.

" Does my bum look big in this" took pride of place as the first and best track on the CD and got a lot of good attention at the music conference - it was played twice in the grand auditorium - and received rave reviews from the Producer panels, Michael Laskow the TAXI moderator and the audience - you know what, it's a fun song that anyone and everyone can relate to -

Please take a listen:

Does my bum look big in this - LaughJohnLaugh by laughjohnlaugh


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