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Well I don’t know about the rest of the web world but I’m in a constant state of arousal - ahem, excuse me,  I mean I feel inspired a lot of the time. But it’s not emanating from an empty vessel - inspiration needs some challenge or nourishment.  I read a book or listen to an interesting provocative discussion on radio and it sets off a thought or a feeling that I then need to ACT upon. This generates something new (like a song in my case) that adds into the circle of ideas. As a direct example of this circular e-motion I wrote 2 more verses and a chorus to Hugh’s “She’ll eat you for breakfast” - Why? I felt inspired!

Personally I get a lot of inspiration-mileage out of real life stories and biographies - I connect to other peoples creative struggles and it gives me hope to continue on the ‘un-mapped way’, the uncharted territory Artist’s and creator’s voyage across in search of the Muse.

Because once the Muse has breathed her sweet soul message into your heart - we are hooked and seek to be inspired anew.

Koan: Did I leave the cubicle or did the cubicle leave me?


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