Tireless Tiresome Self Promotion

 Anyway this week has seen me in the trenches self-promoting - it's a full time job and kinda leaves a trail after me of posts like a digital snail where I have been - twitter, blog posts, emails, group emails, facebook, myspace updates, flyers, poster, uploads downloads, postings replies  yak yak yada yada -  - oh boy I thought I was a songwriter and all for one show on Saturday -

(Special thanks for above poster and pix by Christina Lord co-writer of The Unemployment Blue's)

In case you did n't notice here it comes again - the info about the show -

"What Show?"
My show on Saturday 22nd at path Cafe ?
"Oh, wheres that? "
131 Christopher Street - B/D to West 4th or 1 to Christopher
"Nice.. What time you on at ?"
I'll be on shortly before 9 - hope to see you there...



ASCAP Award Winning Songwriter plays the Path Cafe
Saturday 22nd January at 8.30 pm.

plus special guest Ryan Morgan also appears

Path Cafe http://pathcafe.com/location.html
131 Christopher Street
New York City, NY 10014


Irish owned and operated cafe-bar with a great selection of beers, wines and a hospitable welcome from David Sheridan.

B/D To West 4th Street
1/2 to Christopher Street
Path to Christopher  St


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