Commission: Write a song about anything

A Song about Anything

I seem to be able to write a song on any number of topics - my term for this is:
"A song about anything"

Similarly to how a painter occasionally receives a direct commission . I'd love to get a commission to create a song about or on a specific subject - that would be cool. For instance to write a song about their historical relation or maybe their granny. I'd obviously need to get to know the subject and often need a hook to get an attachment to hang the rest of the song.

When I write I usually 'get the special feeling' that indicates that real gold is nearby. Like a dowser with a diving rod knows where the water is, so do I get a similar feeling for song-writing topics.

I used to dowse for water as a child using home made wires and strangely I could be pretty accurate - it didn't seem extraordinary talent but apparently in the countryside it was commonplace for a farmer to dig a well to supply water for his land. It's a different skill though knowing difference between locating 'water' and well boring. I feel in metaphorical terms I know where the water is and need help from the person with industrial equipment to release it from it's place in the earth by choosing the spot. I feel I am strong at picking the spot (writing the song) and less strong at the digging out and use of the water (recording/promotion) -

Any diggers, drillers and shovelers out there?


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