Trouble - the path songwriters challenge

I am involved in a Monthly Song challenge is to encourage creativity and productivity of a song on a particular topic.

This March the topic is 'TROUBLE"

Please listen and check the song out on SOUNDCLOUD

Guerrillas make TROUBLE 2 by laughjohnlaugh
TROUBLE (Path Challenge)

Trouble in the basement trouble in the town
Trouble in the high place trouble all around
Trouble when we get up trouble when we lie
Trouble all the time until the day we die

Trouble in the open trouble in the close
Trouble in infinity troubles we don't know
Troubles in the mind the heart of every man
What to do with trouble - we’re doing what we can


Trouble in the street Trouble up and down
Trouble in the air in trouble we can drown
Trouble in the earth trouble in the sea
trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, you n me


Trouble in the Ghetto Trouble with the ho’s
Trouble in the Unions, teacher’s got a bloody nose
Trouble joined the circus trouble in the squaare
And now we go and look for it, compassion is n’t there

Trouble from the cops only poor men in their paw
Trouble from the banks a fraud that no one saw
trouble in the media right wing never sleeps
trouble trouble trouble trouble, trouble always creeps

Trouble in the high place trouble in the low
Trouble all around us everywhere we go
trouble in the trenches how do we survive
trouble trouble trouble trouble, trouble has arrived

© Copyright John Munnelly  10 March 2011



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