ASCAP One Day Session's


-I found out both Jeff from Tunecore and Ariel from Ariel PR are both based in Brooklyn ! Yay! thats good to support the local.

-The middle TV/FILM panel seemed to be lacking oxygen in room so was 'ok but bang on a can founder David Lang was very 'wise'as was bigband lady and her panelists.

-Last panel with StarGate was really good -  really liked Tor from Stargate - very practical and risk taking advice.

BAD - Stupid Self Reflecting Narcissistic Audience Questions

- Duh! wow makes me worry for music industry and NYC at least the moderator kept it moving on the self reflecting ( the "what's the question" questions!)

GOOD- Fun gathering in bar 'Mannies'

- Afterwards went on and on -
- new best friend!

BAD - Not really a lot of industry people there except the panels.
- but I met some fun people so that's always a good thing.


Met an ASCAP person who helped me - Yay John Berger!


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