Some Quotes & an Unbelievable Bio of the folking Song-Singer John Munnelly

Some Quotes & an Unbelievable Bio of the folking Song-Singer John Munnelly

  • Performs better with a busted string on his guitar than most with all six. He brings humor,    intelligence and soul to folk music
  • Grin inducing & 'hilarious
  • Very impressed
  • Instantly drawn to his upbeat & intelligent songwriting
  • Fun, intense and entertaining

  • Closing out the night in his inimitable dramatic fashion

John Munnelly Cavan-ish Bio
John was raised by roving shepherds in the mountains outside Cavan in Ireland, from there he was abducted by aliens who taught him how to play diminished chords on their stratospheres  - don't you hate BIO's? Anyway everyone knows there are NO mountains outside Cavan.

John's music has been compared favorably to a "Talking Heads" for a new twitter generation and the video compared to the work of fellow Irish Rubber Bandits - "Horse Outside " video.

John's first 'proper' job was folding huge maps into small folders and having spent a number of years successfully folding larger and larger maps he moved to Cork to study physics. He returned to Dublin where he was cruelly overlooked and uncredited for the part he played  in creating the Irish nations first housing bubble.

He sang in an early incarnation of the ‘Would Be's’ learning songs written predominantly in the key of green-pen and was never described as the Fifth Firefly. He continued to write songs though and got early recognition at the Grolsh-Hot Press Awards for his uplifting song 'Treasure'.

John was educated in Cork but he forgets and studied Pop Music and Multimedia in Manchester before finally submitting to the pleasures of Brooklyn.

While living in Brooklyn, USA he continued to harbor songwriting aspirations and wrote an ASCAP award winning song titled 'The Unemployment Blues' .

John is a busy part of the NYC songwriting scene playing to many ten's of people over the course of a year. See him at an open mic for free before it costs you an arm and a leg - just saying, that's all.

John has spent a lot of time and energy learning to write a better song and hopes for sure it was all worth while and that you enjoy and support his art and craft. He has been a member of many quality song writing associations guilds and randoms NSAI, SGA, TAXI, Song-U, a BerkleeOnline Music Student and was recognized for the quality of his material by being included on Songwriter Hall of Fame Showcase and CD, finalist in the Williamsburg Song Contest and as an ASCAP award winner for a song with a social conscience.

His "instant classic' titled Happy Christmas was included in the acclaimed "Together for Christmas - a Contemporary Celtic Music Collection" released on the Cosmic Trigger Record label. He has been involved in the Irish Soccer supporters scene writing & producing two songs for the European Championships - the latest being the popular video - "King of Cambridge"

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