The Debt Ceiling: Why make a crisis out of a drama?

Obama keeps drifting and tacking toward the right, caving in even before a meeting to a screeching minority in the hope I suppose he thinks to appease the moderate Republicans if there is such a thing. They hate him - why waste his time doing that.

Republicans keep tacking way right and as long as they scare the bejesus out of the Liberals and left field Democrats Obama feels he wont lose his base - well say Goodbye dude.

Well maybe he will lose his base cause Democrats may not want either shade between Tweedledum (Republican Lite Obama) and Tweedledee (Republican Crazeee)

What has Obama done for Democrats or the middle class anyway as a Democrat President? He is very interested in making a deal and compromising and being seen as a nice and decent gentleman willing to compromise- so what? Obama cant be trusted when he makes a deal cause the other side doesn't budge - for instance wheres the public health option? where is the revenue side where are the closed loopholes that allow GE to pay some tax and a millionaire to pay same rate of tax as a cleaning lady?

Makes me feel Obama is allowed to govern by 'the powers that be' only if he toes the republican lies ( ahem sorry) lines - and he'll be kept busy fighting BS situations and running down the economy until the Republicans get back into power and decide its OK to spend money to kick start the economy.

Remember - wheres the beef?

Where's the Revenue side?

Wheres the jobs?

Why the focus on debt?

Republicans might have thought of that before deciding to have two wars?


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