Facebook R.I.P. & No Representation without taxation

Is Facebook dead?

Jury Duty in Brooklyn,
I was asked to perform my civic duties and serve as a Juror for our local courts system here in Brooklyn.  I really didn't know how long in terms of days it might go on for... but many are called and few are chosen. As a songwriter I was somewhat curious and intrigued to be selected but in the end I hung around the large waiting hall ( room for 400 people if needed) with maybe 100 other citizens of all shapes and hues looking at the educational video of trial by ordeal - back in the distant times a person could be bound and thrown into water - if they were guilty they floated if innocent the sank - seems mad you could drown trying to establish your innocence.

After the morning was nearly over the remaining 'uncalled for' were sent over to a civil court and discharged for lunch with orders to return for 2 sharp. Outside the courthouse was a lively farmers market and I crossed the street to get some Irish sausages and mash for lunch. While returning to court along the street I heard a young typically 'awesome girl' emotionally blurt into her phone -

she said:

" Half the people on my Facebook page I either don't know or don't like .... " 

which I found to be a very revealing and informative summary of the state of play on social networks today and been lately wondering do I care about Facebook any how is it serving my life for better or worse?   - Is Facebook dead?

One of my favorite new media guys is getting off of Facebook Hugh McLeod - and I myself am feeling a sense of - nah I don't use it so much anymore. The faithful may be beginning to drift. He says it's NOT my content - and a real blog is much harder to make and upkeep but has sovereignty ie it's mine all mine. 

Is Facebook now dead? - or is there more work for it to do of a socially useful nature - 

Like Democracy spread in Arabian cultures maybe the American Spring will use Facebook to spread ideas for a fairer representation of democracy in America (instead of the current Oligarchy), I dream a dream of a future where instead of Googl-ininaires and Mega-corporations like GE and CitiBank paying NO tax (*true); ordinary Joe and Jane's will get fed up paying their huge burdensome tax-like debt for their degree's that they can't get a job with and decide to favor their own interest first for once. John Schmoe will  instead of supporting tax breaks for the tiny powerful elite will support  an amnesty for student loan forgiveness. The amnesty will be petitioned for on Facebook, a year of Jubilee will be declared and all student loan's will be forgiven provided that the person undertakes new education immediately or invests the saved funds into an investment vehicle to give loans to small entrepreneurs. From the "Brain Trust Fund" will be set up local brain house concentrations for the bright, the unemployed, wanna be idea folks and creatives to mix together on low rents to get their ventures started in a hot house environments etc  - the  aim  would be to supply the space, education, train the new-brain workers, create intellectual creative property and create and generate seed capital for the next new thing - Google, Apple or Facebook - lets have a new Facebook lets make a new future not just protect the old old same ol' country club guys who already own so much and want to close the gates so no one else is getting to play ... lets make life fun again and not oppressive. Has n't America been on a political stink all round lately - ppoh I cant stand it - The idea above is great - can you imagine the FUN that would be on Facebook or the new social media BlahBlahBlah (c) John Munnelly it would so upset the appletart but what can they say - it's democracy!

MYSpace is Dead,  Is Facebook dead too?

Super Duper Billionaire promises to burn all his money so Government can't tax him.
Strange Fact Follows :  - check this one out with your local Representatives of either major party -

Did you know: that the Super Super rich have so many dollars that  (Super Rich is not even the right word for someone who can own a full city on his own or a company that has more money than a normal mid sized country) if they wanted to start burning all the money they owned in dollar, five dollar and 10 dollar denomination bills that they would need to hand on the job to their next 100 generations to complete the task before all their cash deposits would run out on them and even then they would only be down to their last 300 million dollars - strange but true **
No Representation without taxation

One other thing why is there HUGE representation and power given to Oligarchs who own all and at same time get all the value out of America but don't or wont pay any tax - shouldn't the T-Party do or say something about that - "No Representation without taxation" - Common sense? anyone? God Bless the American people and Long live America, the real America - the one we came here to find or were blessed to find ourselves in already - right?

** Well true in the same way as they found WMD in Iraq etc

And as always look at this awesome fun video

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