Giving up FACEBOOK

I have been nursing a grudge against Facebook for a while now - I'm not sure of it's usefulness to me and felt in a way Facebook is a vampire organization - living off the scraps and life of my life to build a picture of me and all the other like-me's who occupy its so-so scrubbed up new world. This definitely crystallized after I wanted to join Spotify and they would 'nt let me play ball and sign up without a facebook account alignment. Hmm peculiar one that...they offered a separate independent login illusion but in fact it does not work.  Here is the transcript of the Spotify BS
from their customer service nonce.
" Hello John,

Thank you for contacting us. Since most of our users have already connected to Facebook, we chose to join Spotify and Facebook logins. This means then, that all new Spotify users will need to have an active Facebook account to join and use Spotify. Currently there is no way around this, but if there is ever a change we'll let you know through our blog:

Please keep in mind you don't need to post your listening habits to Facebook. You can always control what you share by changing your
Spotify preferences at any time. We introduced Private Listening mode, for example, to let you hide what you're listening to for a particular session.

I understand this isn't the answer you were looking for, but I hope this doesn't stop you from giving us a try as you might be missing out on a great experience. 
As the great teenagerio said - yeah, right .. whatevah! 

So I never really give up anything like sweets for lent - it has to have some reason or efficacy ion my life so this year I decided I'd fast from FACEBOOK -

Results are not finally in but I have to say it seems I am more productive - I have created and had a LAUGHJOHNLAUGH.TV special on local TV here in Brooklyn, had a show last night in a local church to support their organ building fund where I debuted a new song my version of 'The our Father' and finally I am finding real world people to be in a band with me. So that's all real cool REAL WORLD sthuff - If a bear shits in the woods and its not posted on facebook did it actually happen. I suppose yes it did and its ok not to have to live in the echo chamber of reflections.

None of these old school 'getting on with it' events and work required any input from Facebook. I do of course like my friends on Facebook  and its great to stay in touch with people but I don't get to fully support their events enough nor do the other musical strivers support my endeavors either.  It for me anyway lacks the intimacy, fun and enjoyment of a persons company, and is more snoopy minded with a feeling of looking over someones shoulder to see what they are up to.

Facebook is a brushed up version of reality where we don't really see the hard work that goes into each posting - I'm playing on the Moon! come to the Moon I'm playing there yay - and I wonder how did they get a gig on the moon? You know of course I don't mean the real Moon don't you? - the real moon is made of cheese and has no venues except for dairy bands.

I think Ill stop now of course you should look at my new video - its fricking awesome -

DID I LEAVE THE CUBICLE - by LaughJohnLaugh!


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