St Paddy's Day - Leprechaun and new band

BAR 773 Brooklyn. 
It was a great St Patrick's Day  and evening. I can say that I had fun with it.

Bar was great, band were great, place was packed with thank you generous punters, friends were supportive and it went very well. Little nervous at first while setting up but got into and we did two major sets.

Bar 773 had piles of corned beef, cabbage and spuds on the go all day and their own home grown in house Leprechaun - "Kenny" was the name he called himself.

I had my new band for first time stand up bass and drums.

Tunes Selection:
Mix of Irish/Celticy style covers and ballads for the day that was in it of course.
-Raglan Road/Fields of Athenry/Rocky Road to Dublin
-The Island - is a favorite of mine & Man of constant sorrow
Pop & Rock Sing along songs
-Mad World/Moondance
-Mumford: Little Lion Man
Some choice originals from my deep repertoire of course
- CUBE BUM & Unemployment Blues were played and I thought Wall Street bailout got a warm reception


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