BCAT TV Network Channel 3 Watch LaughJohnLaugh.TV

BCAT TV Network Channel 3 Watch LaughJohnLaugh.TV
Monday Half Past Midnight 23rd July / Tuesday 12:30 am EST
Time Warner 56, Cablevision 69, RCN 84, Verizon 44)

SHOW #1 July 23rd 30 mins after midnight:

Special features of this show were World Premiers of two new Music Videos and guest appearance of Casey Black and his video 'The Sarge".

- Did I leave the cubicle (or did the cubicle leave me?) THE CUBE
- Antigua (Ooh Ooh Antigua)  is my current single

Music Show

  • Does my bum look big in this?
  • 12345 Flowers
  • Cube
  • The Unemployment Blues
  • The Sarge
  • Casey Black
  • Antigua
  • Live Footage of Irish Tour: 'Alien ' 

With a warm welcome for Special Guest: Casey Black intros & showcases the amazing and beautiful video for his song "The Sarge"


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