Ooh Ooh Antigua, Green Gem in the Caribbean Sea

Irishman falls head over heels in love with Antigua, marries a local girl and releases a song and video to celebrate. The Irish and New York based Musician and Songwriter John Munnelly aka LAUGHJOHNLAUGH! releases an original song titled “Antigua” about his love for this extraordinary Caribbean paradise. The song captures his longing both for Antigua and his new Antiguan wife. It is available on I-tunes/Amazon and video on youtube.

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 New York 2012: He looks into the iPhone weather app as the temperatures soar here in the hot melting city. John notices similar temperatures on Antigua- the “gem in the Caribbean sea” as the beautiful words of John’s song describe it. But John would much prefer to be feeling the cool breeze and have a rum punch in his hand in the tropics. As to his inspiration - it was just like it says: “The beach is just the beginning”, his lyrics continue with “your dream is a moment away ... the tide is turned and you’re winning, it's the start of a perfect day” and then into the magical sing along “ooh ooh Antigua” chorus.

LaughJohnLaugh - Antigua
 The song “Antigua” is written and sung by an Irish man from a small town called Cavan, on another green island in the Atlantic called Ireland. He came to the USA to study his songwriting craft and promote his music career. While based in New York city he won a prestigious award from the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers Foundation’s (ASCAP) Jay Gorney Award for his song “The Unemployment Blues.” (16,500 Views on Youtube)
Antigua - Cover Art - LaughJohnLaugh

 John and his new wife visit Antigua every year and spend the time ‘liming’ to de-stress from their then day-jobs at the over-heated desks of an Internet lighting business. This company is where the couple first met and started a discreet romance. John’s early plan for the courtship was to combine scuba diving and a trip to Antigua. His love of a good island woman and her home place have stayed - but scuba was side-lined after John realized he can’t breathe under water. John has an ecstatic moment when he recalls his visits - “my heart is filled with emotion, I'm so happy returning to you - Ooh Ooh Antigua”

 “Antigua” the video is available on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHjVt6TmOhY and some of the stills used in the music video come with much thanks to the Ministry of Tourism and especially to Derede Samuel-Whitlock, Director of Tourism for Antigua and Barbuda. John is now a professional self employed musician and hopes to play this song live in Antigua. He also has the perfect carnival  booty shaker called ‘Does My Bum Look Big in This?’ which is a comedic relationship dance masterpiece - The Bum Song is available on iTunes and more info about John is on BigBumSong.com and LaughJohnLaugh.com

 John’s warm fuzzy feeling's for Antigua continue on another song called ‘Nowhere Without You’ (included on the radio disc) and there’s nowhere that John would rather be than in Antigua “lying on the sand”... “drinking Rum Punch by the waters and watching the sunset at night ” See you very soon Antigua!

Antigua -The Beach is just the beginning - Rum Punch by the water

Ooh Ooh Antigua ( LYRICS and MUSIC by John Munnelly Copyright 2012
( All Rights Reserved LaughJohnLaugh Music / ASCAP)

The beach is just the beginning
Your dream is a moment away
The tide is turned and your winning
it's the start of a perfect day

Ooh Ooh Antigua
Green Gem in the Caribbean Sea
ooh Ooh Antigua
Your beaches are calling to me

The sound of the pan and the ocean
The greens, the violets and blues
my heart is filled with emotion
I'm so happy returning to you

Ooh Ooh Antigua
Green Gem in the Caribbean Sea
Ooh Ooh Antigua
Your warm breezes are calling to me

Now I'm back at work
And I wear long shirts
but I still feel the cold
planning my return
I'll wear factor in the sun
so I won't get burned

Ooh Ooh Antigua
Green Gem in the Caribbean Sea
ooh Ooh Antigua
nowhere that I'd rather be

Turners, St John's Nelson's Dockyard
Barbuda, Long Bay, Shirley Heights
Drinking Rum Punch by the waters
watching the sunsets at night

Ooh Ooh Antigua
Green Gem in the Caribbean Sea
ooh Ooh Antigua
nowhere that I'd rather be


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