Shite I like - ( under the Influences )

Hot Hot Hot in every bitchin' way -
Azalia Banks - she is hotter than this Brooklyn heatwave - it's beyond the greatest thing right now  - all others are just pretenders.

Pop Pop Pop that resonates universal.

Walk off the Earth and or Gotye
Somebody That I Used to Know -
Yeah Ok... I loved the Gotye thing and the five people on one guitar thing either way up

The So Gay ! stuff

Get My Money Back
Infectious and great - Like the video of course and the silliness.

I Hate My Job 
yeah it says it all about work - here see my tranny shite -

White Shite

AOL Nation
this was a cool SteamPunk video some guy made better than the official

Foster The People
Pumped up kicks

The real gangsta - 

Waving Flag

Folk Awesomeness

Bright Eyes
4 Four Winds

More Influences of Kid Laugher -

I wouldn't be playing music except for David Byrne/Talking Heads thing - that dance traction that the heads gave me was a pulse that reverberated with me then and now.

The Beatles /The Beach Boys were my first mad musical thrill,  thanks to the neighbors Cathal Ryan and his sister having borrowed the Beach Boys record . They have credit for introducing me to the real joy of music. I was crushed when the record went back after two weeks -maybe I'm still looking for that lost (record)  feeling.

David Bowie - weird crazy and very different in a small country kitchen in a housing estate in Cavan - thanks to the neighbors sister Aine on this one too.

Tubular Bells - I played this round and round to help me sleep in the crazy world of Church street.

Punk/New Wave- I slurped up all the records my older musical bro brought home - he was friendly and somehow got loans of all the cool shite records - Boomtown Rats being one of them. Does anyone swap cool music anymore. I guess youtube is the look at this phenomena.

Deep Purple - we were absolutely raised on a hard core diet of Deep Purple.

Camper Van Beethoven - Take the skinheads bowling was a classic part of my repetoire and remains crucial to the laughjohnlaugh musical story.


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