Grrr Fizz Blehh Meh Maeve Binchy, Bob Lefsetz, Bo and Romney

As Victor Meldrew said - I don't believe it.

A genius of the heart called Maeve Binchy died at age 72 - I used to love reading her columns on Saturday morning in the Irish Times.

Maeve Binchy - A genius with the language of the heart

The Music Business the arts and eating crumbs.

I really like Bob Lefsetz. is his Blog I  read and like it a lot. Here is an interesting article about how diffic it is to be an artist and the link with the squashing downwards that is taking place in USA today. Basically saying in his articles that music does not support the musician either as a starter offer or as a professional. So then what's next for music? Its a powerful medium where rich trust fund kids can go to starving producers to create and large conglomerates pump out disturbing pop but the new guys don't even get the crumbs.

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Bob Lefsetz Letter
Lefsetz above is talking about music inequality - and no protest songs - I got protest songs coming out my ass Bob but anyway hes super cool! But he and the other mailer Bonnie are saying its hard to make a living in the arts - just to pay the basics of life. I feel that is linked to inequality in a different way.  Here is a link to a London experience - Consumers want to pay for the devices but not the content and will grudgingly pay for the streaming cost but content creators are last in line. So they get their work copied pirated and downloadable for free on the expensive hardware and mega bucks bit transmission costs. And less and less protection for their creations in copyright  terms. How many millions of plays did lady GaGag have to have to get a hundred dollars from Spotify.

I'd like to start or be part of a feeling towards rewarding creators in some way for their diligence. Or is it there are just too many of us creating cause anyone can now own a computer and a guitar / keyboard. Is it a case of over-supply?

America America -
I visited the supermarket called Trader's Joe's in Brooklyn, NYC last evening and it is a reflection on how America may have been and may be in the future. The people working there are a diverse and nice bunch. Yes they are stocking shelves but I know they are much more than that and are probably working at least in part for the Health Insurance. Some other corporations offer health insurance too. What's my point - it seems to be possible to have an America that is fair that folks can work hard and do ordinary stuff so they can get by and maybe get on. However it seems now that the game is very much rigged. Even if you work your ass off you cant succeed - go to college its an instant debt burden that is unshakeable around your neck. If you are creative and work hard in a start up or other small firm the guy at the top creams it all off and digs in your pocket for your loose change as well. 

NoBamaCare -
 I met a libertarian on the street and had a good chat about the differences and similarities between libertarians and T-party.  He said most of what has become known as 'Obamacare' was written by BIG Medicine and Big Pharma and lobbyists for same - It may be so and Democrats are tending to try and defend that bill cause its under vicious attack. How about not defending it and saying fine - you write a better one then.  The bill may be a pile of poo and another toothless wonder that's a boon once gain for the corporations - new customers herded in and the ability to find alternate cheaper medical cover diminished cause of attacks on the bill.

Who really runs things - Democracy one-oh-none:

Tweedledum and TweedleDee seek our vote. Dum says hes different to Dee. When elected Dumb says he can't do what we elect him to do cause Dee side won't let him. But can do what Dee likes.  Vote for Dee and it's even worse.

Yikes Romney and Meh Obama - they are the good boys and will do as they are told in the end. I'd like to say it matters and some days I do think there is a difference between wooden 1 and wooden 2 but is there really any difference between voting for one stiff kinda likeable board for another complete facade for president. They do what the real owners of the country want. If they the real owners want a war - "sure lets have one". Have a tax break for the wealthy - "ok". Subsidize corn the huge farm conglomerates and cut food stamps for the poor - "that's really a great idea". Do something about immigration and make it a frenzy to split people from each other - "yes do it "- "deport them all". Obama has deported more people than anyone else in last three years - Go BO! No Public option - "sure thing" Drone strikes,  same Military consensus 'yay' - its all very predictable.

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