Screwed over by CrazyMakers and CEOs

Have you ever been screwed over? as a creator that is... I admit I often rant away on about false creators injecting themselves into the front of the line as creators. Some businessmen are now styling themselves as the true shepherds and self-aggrandizing as job-creators. My personal and local history and experience is the creators in jobs and elsewhere do the creating (from nothing) and the CEO guy lurks about grabs the loot from the idea and runs away to claim credit. Bleeah as Peanuts may have said. The self-styled job-creators (they act like 'The Creator' sometimes - right?) are actually if anything creative profit vampires and in that context don't necessarily create jobs. However if getting rid of a job overseas or firing people and then getting the remaining workers to work that persons role too is creative then ... So this video from is an illustration of how creators get done over - it happened to me recently on a project I was working on. Read about the Crazymakers elsewhere - the vampires are alive and well and feeding on us! "hahhahh" evil cackle from stage left.
I'll give you $5 dollars to make me a website ...
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