Is ripping the mp3 from a YouTube video the nail in the music coffin?

I must admit to being a little e-saddened today and not surprised when I found out that the Firefox browser comes with its own mini mp3 ripper- as an add on. So I make YouTube vids to promote my music - not that I make a lot ( $6 in a quarter - I must be mad hahha) but one lived in the vain hope that some folks might buy the single sometime. Now it's too easy and so simple to rip it straight off the artists YouTube Viddy and bang a boom - there ya go. Mp3 in full quality, Pretty smart huh! - so whats a songwriter guy to do? Oh well anyone want a web site? I guess we as 'artists' can pray to the Gods of abundance and throw ourselves off the artistic mountains hoping for some angel to catch us... [ Editor - are n't we getting a little carried away histrionically speaking.] Yes of course... Sorry, I'll put it another way,erm... the songwriters are fucking fucked. LOL ;)


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