LaughJohnLaugh Band Rocks a mix of Blue Celtic Pop

I was at an Irish Business and Arts networking Seminar last night and Black 47's Lead man and all round great guy Larry Kirwan said in music You have to have a plan ... man. 

And he is right - I gotta have a plan.

So my plan if I want to keep playing, recording writing and living music is one where I get to earn a living. So I have a band now that does just that.

I am well used to being the solo guy with a guitar so now added to that awesomeness (that's an americanism I picked up) is an Aedel like singer a drummer/percussionist  & a bass player plus an accordion instrumentalist giving an Irish flavor or banjo/mandolin player for a blue grassy Pogues feel.

  • Shows so far in NYC have included long sets at big events like Saint Patrick's Day show (3 sets) 
  • Bar 773 Brooklyn Half Way to St Pats Celebration (3 sets) 
  • Irish Haven Brooklyn Maguire's Pub, Woodside, Queens NYC (3 sets)
Band set list is divided roughly into 3 types of material - Celtic Pop and Catchy originals.

Celtic/Irish - Pogues, Paul Brady, Bluegrass, Folk, Dubliners, Ballads
Pop/Rock: U2, Van Morrison, Once (Falling Slowly),
Originals:  Here is a playlist of my Pop Rock material and we are working on video for the new band.


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