Smile and be a villain -

We are at the stake
And bayed about with many enemies;
And some that smile have in their hearts, I fear,
Millions of mischiefs.

"Once upon a time in a land far away called New York I had a CEO"

He was a boring man but could spin a tale of great future with wily persuasiveness but strange lack of accountability. It turned out to be nothing but mooncheese. Moon Cheese was what I termed and invented to label fabulous fallacy and undeliverable promise.

"Good people get cheated, just as good horses get ridden..."

He sold us a lot of moon cheese, he told a lot of tall stories and gave empty promises and always we paid the price and he gained. He gave away something that was of no value and certainly could not be cashed in and always took. So onerous and so un-genererous and cruel. He had a gift for the untruth and used our human sympathy against us and replicated human emotional empathy in some way. But he was cold inside and would not as we say in Ireland 'piss on you ' if you were on fire.

"A fox cannot hide its tail..."

We were such suckers... sadly I have to say that he was smarter than us and that I was new in this tough town may be my excuse. But still it's hard to realize until afterwards he was so devious, so cunning so sly and so willing to say anything to get people to go along with him and even if managed to pin him down (cause he would n't put anything in writing ever- just like Mitt no details to get caught out on) worse afterwards he would and could say the exact opposite with a smirky Mitt face and look you right in the eye as he lied - he must have believed it himself.  Is that possibly pathological - or some sort of known sickness - I never thought of it that way before - he could have some sort of anti-social thing - I'm afraid to look it up its probably called being a psycho path. We don't tend to think of psychos in board rooms methaphorically not literally 'killing' others for gain but maybe it's there all along and explains some of the vicious behavior exhibited by some corporate entities, completely obsessed with what they want only and willing to go to any length to get what they feel entitled to - and whats that? - the money you earn.

 "It may be possible to deceive men, but one cannot deceive the gods..."

So this is how I know Mitt is a liar it's the same 'face' spiritually and energetically speaking that I see and the same BS he is selling. It is sadly the same glutted lying CEO face I see peering out at me when I see Mitt "Bishop" Romney and the same corporate non sense I hear coming out. It took the organization I belonged to a long time to wise up that he was the vampire CEO and was eating it alive from the inside for his gain and only his... so I say to American voters please don't believe him or the identikit CEO hims like Romney. Better to go deaf than to enter hell with two ears working.

"Even worse than a tiger with three mouths is a person with a double-dealing heart..."

This is not a pro Obama diatribe or whatever just my dread being expressed - like after something happens human behavior invariably wants to ask - why did n't anyone say stop? for example to other wars or other evils that have happened in the recent and further past - there are people always ready and with the courage and will to say STOP but no one wants to listen.

 "You can fool some of the people all of the time but not all of the people all of the time...
 Well, we will see in a while.

And some that smile have in their hearts I fear - millions of mischiefs.

Smile and be a villain - ROMNEY

And for a country that puffs itself up about Democracy then what is the voter suppression all about?

 So just in case here is my privacy notice.

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