I was a happy child ... neighbors and relatives would peer into my cot and say "laugh! John laugh! so I would ... &  later on in life when I was seeking a suitable and appropriate name for my musical act it seemed like a good one - especially when I was holding down a day job and was gallivanting around the city gasp 'songwriting'. I believe it has a positive upbeat feel and yes I'm very funny and entertaining but I'm not a comedian... at least not yet.

I have a band and we do anything from a sweet duet a la 'Once' - falling slowly to a trio with a rad upright bass for a sonically rich but acoustic sound or go for a full band with percussion drums and extra mountain-y and Irish instruments like Banjo/Mandolin and Accordion.

John Munnelly the band leader is a multiple award winning songwriter well known for ASCAP award 'The Unemployment Blues" and the online youtube 'hilarious' video sensation - "Does my BUM look big in this?"

Watch some of laughjohnlaugh's creative video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHjVt6TmOhY&list=PL7979F7FBB8C08DA9


John Munnelly is laughjohnlaugh!
John Munnelly is laughjohnlaugh and is at the New York Irish Center 5thOctober supporting Michael Brunnock.


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