PICTURES of LaughJohnLaugh Band Irish Haven Brooklyn

LaughJohnLaugh Band in action as a Duo in the Irish Haven Bar, Sunset Park Brooklyn.

My personal John Munnelly review from the other side of the mic-stand

This is a fine bar that I love playing in with guaranteed fun.  It has great staff  (Matt & Mike) and comes with an eclectic mix of friendly cool patrons of all dimensions, ages and class with a wholesome Irish flavor.


Genna and John in The Irish Haven

Genna and John in The Irish Haven
Genna and John in The Irish Haven Brooklyn

Genna and John in The Irish Haven
Genna and John Munnelly in The Irish Haven

Google Docs Cursor Misplaced/Misaligned in Google Docs Spreadsheets Fix:

As part of my public service commitment and because Google is too busy searching the searches I'm searching for to bother to fix it I offer it here.

Problem Declaration:
Cursor alignment is totally off from where its typing. So when you type in one cell a different cell appears highlighted. COnfusing to work and type in.

I think it is linked to three possible things: Zoom Horizontal, vertical and sharing

Sharing document may result in different zoom states so I propose:

Reset the Zoom Horizontally 'Ctrl and 0' and vertically 'ctrl +-'  or Cmd on Mac keyboards. I had to do the vertical one plus and minus a few times and then it slipped back into proper alignment. That Alignment can be hard to spell I hope you are grateful and feel its worth a donation to keep my show on the road. Donate over there >>>>

It worked for me - maybe it'll work for you too. Possible get all sharers to  reset too if problem recurs and persists on shared google docs.  May even be affected by use on a cel phone is another plausible reason the zoom is offset.



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