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Who he and Why Laugh? "LAUGHJOHNLAUGH"

John Munnelly is an ASCAP award winning songwriter for 'The Unemployment Blues' and known for the online youtube 'hilarious' video sensation - "Does my BUM look big in this?"  and the 'Happy Christmas" song on the recent Contemporary Celtic Christmas Collection. He is a musician/band leader member of the IBO living in Brooklyn and originally from Cavan.

He writes in a wide array of styles encompassing themes from the humorous to the serious. His material usually contains positive uplifting messages dealing with life and the human condition with unique wit and insight.


He was a happy child ... neighbors and relatives would peer into his cot and say "laugh! John laugh! so he would ...

John's band do anything from a sweet duet, to a trio with a rad upright bass for a sonically rich but acoustic sound or at times go for a full band with percussion drums electric guitars and extra Irish instruments like Banjo/Mandolin and Accordion.

John was raised by roving shepherds in the mountains outside Cavan in Ireland, from there he was abducted by aliens who taught him how to play diminished chords on their stratospheres  - don't you hate BIO's? Anyway everyone knows there are NO mountains outside Cavan.

John's contemporary music video work has been compared favorably to a "Talking Heads" for a new twitter generation and likened to the work of fellow Irish Rubber Bandits - "Horse Outside " video.

In 2012 he released 3 singles ( and included on a collection) with very diverse themes -

Does my Bum Look Big in this - a comedy/dance masterpiece with a video aptly described as 'Hilarious'

A monster Rock stomper written for The boys in Greens soccer trek to Poland - 'Trapattoni's Men' where his over optimistic lyrics get caught on the wrong side of history.

His love song to the Caribbean - 'Antigua'

Links -

Finally the inclusion of his song "Happy Christmas" on the recent "Contemporary Celtic Christmas Collection" produced and curated by the IBO's PR Maven Anita Daly really stood out as a "Highlight" and drew rave reviews both individually and collectively from press and  radio for the song and CD - read more reviews here


2013 is a big year with a CD Download collection in the works under his own name and a Band collection due after that.

VIDEO link


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