Art in Antigua Tour 2013

Getting Sun Success in Antigua

Antigua 2013: I went away on a trip to Antigua and it turned into a music tour. I had a promotional blitz of the island with a lot of help from new friends I met there. Some of the highlights included interviews, live and hilarious performances of '"Does my BUM look big in this?" and 'Antigua" (my singles from 2012). In preparation for my show in the main city of St. John's I appeared on ZDK radio with "Frenchie", had a laugh a minute with DJ Who Sun Radio & hung out at Vybz FM which is just across the corner from where we stayed.

The YARD St John's Antigua

With SUN DJ Who in his Radio Tardis -
Networking and pressing flesh with the local Newspaper helped me get added to rotation on Observor Radio. And best and most challenging was a seat of my pants show at "The Yard" thanks to the impresario of Chosen Sounds Omari Harrigan and J Nation - I really could not have done it without their openness to the new. Thanks lads.

Another earner of respek is the humble DJ - these guy have to have boundless energy to keep the show interesting and keep folks tuned in - so I learned about the jugglers born under punches work of the DJ - thanX -

SONG Writing:

I did some song writing while I was there of my own tunes and attempted some very valuable co-writing with two highly talented locals. I love creating. It is sometimes needed in creation to be courageous enough to hold onto a metaphorical frying electric wire - and letting 'what-desires-to-be-created' come into our world via that inspiration and our perspiration.What I mean by that is; sometimes one opens up a can of worms in one self or others in art but the artist needs to be able to face it down and in this case - write it down. That's where some of the power of the art comes from - otherwise just paint by numbers ladies and gentlemen.

Write fearlessly as Pat Pattison says or don't bother to write at all. I don't wish to submit any audience to boredom - it's their lives and boredom is the worst sin to foist on an unwitting public. Be interesting please songwriters - its rule #2 after #1 don't be boring.

YARD SHOW - "Look Ma No Words"

I was well pleased to have a number of firsts -

  • First time to play St Johns Antigua and venue 'The Yard'
  • First Time on Radio in Antigua
  • First time to do a complete set without a single lyric on the stand- for me that's a memory man feat.
RUM PUNCH - the Meh list
Another thing was the amazing friendliness and receptivity of EVERYBODY!
... but the strange thing is while the quality of the peoples reciptity to us visitors went through the electric blue stratosphere there is Ol' Rum Punch taking it for granted and not being uop to snuff everywhere. So we may present a Rum Punch Meh list with winners, runners and losers. The main thing was flavor, ingredients and presentation.

Sunset in Antigua
Sunset in Antigua W.I.

And finally ... There were loads of place people and things I did in Antigua and they were all fabulous and great - for those I didn't get to thanks or mention specifically it's only cause there's only so much time in today! And hope to meet everyone again.


Tour of the WI Summary

Radio Shows
Songs Played
Set List
Look Ma No Words
Rum Punches Meh List
Fishing Competition

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