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The Story of Legends begins not in Cavan as you may suppose from the first lines about being born in 'Nowhereville" but in a diverse group of 'been through some shit', 'we are going to back each other up' 'I believe in you' New Yorkers gathering in a comfortable room in the upper West side one day each week over maybe a season to offer support and spiritual back up to each others dreams..

The aim of the group was to envision each others dream (or specific hope) and try and support each other. In the course of this gathering,  the term Legends was used and it was a kind of good label we felt could attach to us with meaning and kindness.

So the song flew out of me one day and I sent it around to the group. It was about the everyman and woman in all of us - the place where we all generally start from in all heroic stories is of humble beginnings. The kitchen for Cinderella and so on - what I termed an imaginary place called "Nowhereville" is just like that. The 'everywhere' place where we heroe's and heroines realize we are only ordinary mortals who caught our finger in the lock and it hurted!

Just like in the larger human stories like a Jungian reference - our group are trying to make our ways through common difficulties and similar stories to go where we are "making friends and becoming part of (a shared) history" where we are legends.

Some of the inspiration also comes from my college buddy Brian's suggestion that we are all epic heroes in our own tales - eg Legends.

But,  as I swam in the pool last week I realized with some shock:

 "hold on a minute; this lyric could be taken as a diss against my home town if it (the song Legends) was taken literally" 

So for all my Cavan family and friends please do forgive any possible suggestion of that. No one has actually said so... it was just a thought that occurred to me as I stirred the amniotic like waters of Brooklyn pool.  I asked my wife and she agreed and said did I not realize that. I suppose I did n't. So for the record for all the haters (and regurgitator's of the same ol' wooden jokes) Cavan is great I love it.   I don't feel it's "Nowhere Ville" nor did I feel I was referring to it in song, it's somewhere Nicesville actually and you should go there.  Lots of people (including myself) visited for the Feis Ceol and had an unforgettable time.

Super places to eat drink stay and have the craic and not to mention a thriving Arts & music scene. Need I say more. Well it seems like something I don't need to deal with in a blog but just in case it's always good to clear the air whether it needs clearing or not. Mostly I'd say no one paid any attention whatsoever - I'd be so lucky if anyone gave a hahha.

I have a new song that is half recorded about Cavan Town - It sort of did n't quite get the gel it needed in the recording studio so I don't know if it will ever see the light of day due to likely financial reasons.  I put lots of attention and time into it but song needs another 'go' of something I feel to pull it together some magic or drumlin gravity. But as a live song my Cavan Town  would be so great for an opportunity like 'The Gathering" Many towns I feel would love their local bard to compose such a fine song as I have for my native streets.

Well what happened the group - are we all Legends - maybe so - best not to judge from the shortsighted distance of only a couple of years.

NEW SONG Written about Cavan Town for The Gathering 

Here is the first part of a NEW song about CAVAN TOWN I wrote it for the gathering but have not managed to get on a plane to sing in there yet. LOL though job is done  - its finished lyrically and melodically to my current satisfaction. If anyone likely from Cavan or into the Arts sponsporship game wanted to assist me in getting it over the finish line that'd be fab.   I'd love a  performance opportunity where I can play it for an audience in Cavan specifically or possibly get it funded by a generous benefactor(s) to finish it in studio.

Cavan Town by John Munnelly (c) 2013
In Cavan town In Cavan town I made good friends in Cavan town
some people try to put us down
all because we’re from Cavan town.
in Cavan Town we tell the truth
but with a smile a laugh a hoot
for the underdog we love to root
and by some magic get the loot
In Cavan town, Cavan Town we welcome you please come on down
don't believe the lies folk spread around
cuz’ you’ll eat well and you’ll sleep sound
in Cavan...
in Cavan town in Cavan Town

TBC ... 

Copyright LaughJohnLaugh Music /John Munnelly all rights Reserved


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