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Saturday 20th July @ 10:45 pm thru late

Hey, How is the El Scorchio! heat going for you in NYC & in Ireland.  Please drink lots of water tea or beverages... This week "staying cool" is n't only for hippies man!

Some people ask me how they can help me - I say ...

HELLO WORLD is available!
We launched the album of music I have been working on for three years. Look at me I'm jumping with excitement. Producer Peter Litvin's work is on this except track three "Nowhere Without You" which is a softer co-written romantic song produced nearby my house with Ben Rice. I have put together some *** Cliff's notes to describe some of the tracks - preview listen (let me know am I right? How do you summarize how the tracks sound?)  You can preview the album here or get it for ONLY $8- on iTunes ...yay that's nearly**  a give away.

Im jumping with excitement! Irish are the bestest at not putting ourselves forward so here is a reviewer saying something nice aaah!
- Sphere Music
- Irish Music Daily

TRACKS Description

  1. We should go blind - "Political indie Rock "
  2. People Die - "catchiest chorus alt " 
  3. Nowhere Without You "romantic 12 string softer" 
  4. Legends - " fan favorite - indie folk rock" 
  5. Did I leave the cubicle - 'punk/new wave witty fun" 
  6. Make my move real soon "talking heads -  boy/girl ear worm " 
  7. Price of the medicine -" Bob Dylan's electric blues " 
  8. Disappointed Me - "a masterpiece of grief " 
  9. Things Change "guitar Rock Rock relationship song " 
  10. Mess Up "guitar  heavy grungy rock message" 
  11. Father (why’s it such a secret?) "indie guitar and drums "
* Nobody! hahha
* * not quite free but your support is def appreciated to keep the show on the road and the wheels of art turning.
Hello World on iTunes
*** Who is Cliff? and why does he have notes..?

 John Munnelly Showcased on Irish Music Daily


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