ATT AT&T Privacy Options removed making them dubious data rapist

ATT: It's what you do with what we do.

AT&T have introduced two deceptive personal data scanning programs. There is no single opt out choice available to choose not to consent.

I feel its fair to say "No Thanks" to any commercial offer especially when I pay egregious charges and rates already.

If it was free service perhaps there would be a case to scan and sell ( to cover costs) but not when I am already paying big.

I don't wish my phone service AT&T to gather store or use my personal data in any manner then furthermore bundle it and sell it. I don't get anything out of that and I don't want that.
AT&T Data Rape
Without the full consent of customers this is
‪#‎DataRape‬ That's not a nice hastag is it - full of sick potent and not very nice connotations ‪#‎AT‬&T. I wouldn't want it to stick to your brand too hard or you might not get it off.

YES/NO OPT OUT PLEASE to new changes in privacy.

Please do the decent thing for your customers and offer a simple yes or no choice - for those who don't want to be scanned, data-creeped or otherwise virtually followed about - offer us a NO thanks button. One click. And for those who do choose to stay in the data net well you will have lots of data to play with. Right? That's fair...

When I called ATT to discuss there was no one competent or able to speak to me on phone about this. Of course not strange at all. I then asked for the guy listed on letter but he may not even exist. He is keeping his details private for sure. There is a comment email that auto replies with - "we may not read or reply to your email". Cue sarky laughter from the peanut gallery.

NO! is not allowed.

AT&T can make changes to T&C anytime that do not invalidate the service agreement but if they make changes there is nothing we can do except gripe about it on social media. And whats the use of that ... unless a lot of people felt the same and re-posted with the horrible hashtag ‪#‎ATTDataRapist‬ or something similar.

One choice to self opt out is to say ok No thanks we are cancelling ... aha but that's also not available - the very dubious thing is then ATT won't let customers out of their plan either without a financial penalty. I wouldn't currently recommend AT&T as a service.

like and repost please - its a giggle that the ‪#‎ATT‬ FB page slogan is "It's what you do with what we do." exactly!



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