HEctic Knife grows legs - I row weary


Path Cafe Double Header Saturday 3rd of August at 9:00 to 11:00 pm

Saturday 3rd: My friend John ( of Franco & the Dreadnought) is in town - he's really great and playing on same bill.
We don't want him to think I don't have anyone who cares enough to turn up. That's so not true - everyone reading this is gagging to go - they just have other stuff on that partiklar night ... enuf of the guilt trip John - The Editor.

Path Cafe is an Irish run and convivial cafe restaurant serving superb food and drinks and with a good sound and lights.

Tell Dave I sent you if you are passing by and he'll say -
"mmm John Munnelly... not sure if I ever heard of him ..."

[John prods Dave]

Dave replies - "oh yes! that would be an ecumenical matter" or some other witticism.

Anyway Dave is cool and Irish - You'll be made to feel welcome and ask him what you want to eat - he's usually right. Call it some psychic foodie thing.


131 Christopher Street, NYC  D train to West 4th st or 6 to Christopher St

Franco & The Dreadnought Tour

Me and the pointy chinned one in picture upstairs eearr were in college together. Yes for real, studying music for a qualification with the word POP in it. How does that even happen... that there is such a thing? Well we worked like blisters and learned so much. Anyway we are both still involved passionately in creating music and art and he's making  a visit here as part of a tour. And we are playing back to back sets. No we don't stand back to back - I play a set and he plays a set or something non strange like that. from 9 p @ Path Cafe SATURDAY - be there thanks its always good to see you.

"Really Mellow and Heartfelt" Zane Lowe, Radio 1

"Precise musicianship, heartfelt lyrics and a cheeky grin, this is new talent

at its very best.... you'll be hooked” Shane Cary, Musicosis

Did I mention Ill have my download cards at show and get this - you can get ALL 13 tracks my CD and bonus material for whatever you want to pay! 

Hello World is on iTunes

August 2013:
My album has a lovely colorful cover. I love colors... can't you tell from my videos,  all sploshy, runny colors ( like in legends)  My friend collaborator and all round brilliant person Blue Bliss took the photo and designed the cover. It shows me leaping into a more colorful life. I like it - what do you think yourself? Answers please on back of a five bob note.

John Munnelly Front Cover

Here is a review from another nice person Baxter - if you need something to say about my album when you meet me you can borrow some of Baxter's lines. ;)

I'm supposed to have 'calls-to-action' in the newsletter (don't blame me I'm only doing as I'm told my music marketeers). So ... here goes lads! BUY ME MUSIC! I permit it - totally think it's the best thing YOU can do right now and I'm all for it. I'm so glad you suggested it first and to help along here is the link to iTunes Store. Go ON
Was that enough of a call?

"HELLO WORLD!" Legend Video -

Have you read the story behind the track 'Legends" The back story is on my BLOG hear about my recent 'Oops sorry, moment about Cavan'

HECTIC KNIFE needs you!

Get Credit in a Movie - Hectic Knife
Friends News: HECTIC KNIFE the movie launched its IndieGoGo Campaign (Wha?) and Hectic Knife is pure magic.

Two of my friends and colleagues have made this movie - called Hectic Knife Plot summary- disillusioned vigilante gets drawn back into the evil bad guy's vengeful plot and mayhem ensues leading to a final showdown.
It is hilarious, got cult quotability - yes really! and has loads of the F word in it.

So here's the deal for $10- YOUR name gets in the credits - easy peasy!
and for a few more $s -  imagine now - you can have a Cameo in the next Hectic already being written. Then you get to point to the screen and say to other ordinary 'haven't got a cameo or name in the credits' people - looky! I'm in that movie! Hectic Knife! Funny as F..K. REALLY!
The money raised will go to fund the tour, to press DVDs, print posters and do online promotion.  Hectic Knife is done, but they need help to show it to people because they spent all of their money makin the damn thing!


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