Irish Tour - HELLO WORLD or Dublin ...More dates are defiantly ( er definitely John The Ed..) added

When asked to do a new PR and Bio for John Munnelly I asked “why should I? find someone else” I said. “I’m already organizing a million shows in Ireland for the tour.” Where will I get the time?
“ Ah feck it so I’ll just have to go and do it myself. Sure these guys must get a load of these on their desks everyday and how will we break through the static to just tell them ...”

Tell them wha! ...

Tell them... about me new record ‘Hello World” and me World tour of Ireland thats what! - me world tour that looked like it was one pub in Dublin for juan appearance of five minutes but thankfully there have been a few more dates added to take the bare look off of the paper at least.

What else then ? The record is out - so here I’m thinking the reader will be saying “everyone has a record out even my granny had made a record., Why did you release a record? Well its quality record, three years to make, amazing songs, award winning songwriter, from Cavan home of mad music bloom produces another son full of vigour and rock. I once achieved Hot press recognition ‘ The Grlosch Hot Press award” back in the day for a song called Treasure - thats kind of Irish related too?

Why don't you write an ordinary PR jobbie ? Well cause its got about as much interest for the reader as a wet newspaper dropped on dame street as you wait for the bus to Harolds Cross in the rain. Thanks all the same. Well this is n’t very professional arguing with yourself on google docs is it? Ok well lets try the standard approach too then ...

Ok well here goes then the basic info -

John Munnelly the prolific and multi talented and versatile songwriter, artist, actor finally ships his debut album “Hello World”. The artist well known for his hilarious sense of humor in previous work for Does My Bum Look Big when he went by stage name of LaughJohnLaugh returns to his own name and indie roots for this album. John is living in Brooklyn and hails from Cavan town, the home recently seemingly of everything music these days the fleadh ceol, the Strypes etc.

Johns work has been compared to Neil Young and Bob Dylan as ‘the voice of the people’ and given an imprimatur by the Association of Authors and Publishers ASCAP in New York USA where he now lives for his Social Justice Commentary song “The Unemployment Blues” which won the prestigious Jay Gorney Award named of the writer of Brother Can you Spare a Dime.

John is on his World Tour of Ireland with dates starting October 23d in Dublin Globe bar and continuing for two weeks in other Dublin venues, Cork Galway and Cavan with more dates to be added. The Tour is to promote his new record out on itunes, amazon and elsewhere.

Album Review Link:
Sounds like: Melodic pop rock in the vein of The Cranberries, Lifehouse and The Proclaimers.

“Legends ... is about finding that greatness in ourselves... It is a wonderful pop song of the times... makes one believe in the transforming power of alternative ballads again.


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