Christmas Cheer appearances and shows of all sorts -

Howreyese as they say in Duuublinn ...

It's beginning to look look a lot like Christmas ...

11/19/2013    The Cel IAWA Salon New York City (New Song Showcase) 7:30p
11/24/2013    Our Lady of Refuge Church  Brooklyn 'Hallelujah' on Piano  4:00p
12/10/2013    Congregational Home, Church Ave, Seniors Service 11am
12/14/3013    773 Bar Brooklyn John Munnelly SOLO & Guests 9:00p
12/14/3013    Prospect Range Brooklyn (With Silent Note) 8:00p
12/16/2013    'Concern' The Celtic Christmas Collection Arlene's Grocery 6 pm
Munnelly & Glen Hansard in Blessings Bar Cavan Town while on Tour... I tag this picture The Refugee & The Builder

Of course I'm supposed to tell y'all about the stuff I did in Ireland on tour and how it changed me ( it did change my viewpoint and energy)  so will def write later - still catching up... here is me and Hansard in the Kultural Kapital of ireland - it's Kavan don't you know!! The builder and the Refugee in Blessings Bar in Cavan town.

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