Join the King of Cambridge as he takes you on a tour!

Alan Kinsella is the King of Cambridge. During his playing days at Cambridge Boys FC Kinsella was famously named and crowned 'King of Cambridge' by his fellow team mates. He's the Irishtown Dubliner who applied for the head coach position of Ireland's National soccer team. Kinsella and several mates were having a heated discussion on Irish tactics and on who should coach Ireland for the 2016 Euro Championships to be held in France. After sharing his coaching insights the mates taunted Kinsella that he should apply for the job. And that's exactly what he did. "Why not?" King proclaimed. "The position doesn't frighten me one bit."

Then after receiving an official response from Ireland's head soccer office King decided to share his story with the multitudes. He turned his failing bid for the job into a positive experience describing the rejection letter as a real honor. The official response sent shockwaves around his network of friends and has inspired a charity fundraiser. Kinsella's story has become the platform to raise funds for St. Vincent's Foundation / Neurology.

After going to press in New York, King's crew was inspired to create a song for Ireland's Euro qualifiers starting September 7, 2014.

So join the King of Cambridge as he takes us on a tour, across the Irish Sea you're gonna love him more and more. The craic we'll have and songs he sings will leave us in a trance, cause Martin Keano and the boys are gonna win in France... Read more about King's story and fundraiser

 Written by Michael Behan ( Lyrics) and John Munnelly (Music) Video and Song Track Created & Produced by John Munnelly All Rights Reserved Copyright John Munnelly 2014


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