Psychology Terms Explained

Twaddles' Definition'sof DSM and Psychology

There's money in your pain - here are some of the terms you may encounter in your counseling sessions and their real meanings.

Transference and counter-transference.

You remind me of myself/my mother/my sister/my brother, my father, my boss - etc

Transference: you fork off!, I hate/love you.
Counter-transference: no, you fork off!, I love/hate you.

Post- Modern Family: It's not all relative(s).
Most-Modern Family: "My child is AAAmazing - please worship my child with us!

Abnormal psychology: The study and resultant verbal weekly irritation of normal diverse individuals by highly trained and educated emotionally defectives and borderline personalities with 'healing' gift delusions.

Attachment: Emotional relationship between the therapist and yours or the insurance companies billable's.

Anxiety An intense emotional response caused by the pre-conscious recognition that you are going to spend the rest of your fine afternoon listening to an addict, a thief and a romantic layabout find reasons why its not their fault ie "it's my family".

Behavior modification The systematic use of principles of learning to decrease the frequency of the therapist speaking during sessions. Usually involves the intense repression of the boredom reflex by remembering and concentrating thoughts on the long hours study it took to get to a place where you can sit in a comfortable chair and while away the 50 minute- hours thinking of what you had for breakfast/lunch and wondering what's for supper later on... "darling I'm home... whats for dinner?".

Client-centered therapy A humanistic approach to wondering who is paying for the session the client or the insurance company? How many weeks can they afford and what the therapist himself will be doing this weekend? "Well thats it for this week ... See you next week then at the same time..."

Daytime sleepiness: The experience of excessive sleepiness during daytime activities; the major complaint of therapist evaluated at counseling location's nationwide. Thought to result from excessively comfortable chairs. yes, Hmm I see , aha, Umm yees... very interesting indeed, and then , and how zid you feels abouts zhat ...

DSM: Classification of people into easy billable unit categories. Aha moments! The discovery of a treasure trove of billable neuroses.

REM Sleep: This as a rule is not available to therapist during sessions so can lead to excessive irritability,  trauma and sometimes blunt force memory repression of the daytime's activities as only partial unfulfilled sub-dreaming reveries are available and thereby lead to shallow form sleep fulfillment neuroses. "Had a nice day at the office dear ...?"

Imprinting A primitive form of learning in which some counselor's and therapists form an emotional attachment to the money derived from the insurance companies. Can lead to a form of symbiotic dysfunction between parties usually characterized by spending excessive time on the phone with unresolved insurance neuroses.

Family Therapy: A form of therapy defined as I'm OK but I wish I lived somewhere else (where 'they' were n't).

Note:  views are author's own and may just be true.


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