BigBumSong Appeal


Bum de Bum Bum!

Happy New Year from John Munnelly. We hope 2015 brings you closer to being the person you want to be and great happiness ensues.

Fan Appeal - 'The Bottom Line' 

The Bum Song needs your help! Every year I release music material and do my best to make sure the tracks stay available for as long as possible. 'The Bum Song' gets a great reaction and is a fan favorite but also needs to sell a few copies to contribute to the costs of it's existence and costly distribution to digital stores like iTunes. It really is 'the bottom line'! #pun 

Without your help The BIG BUM SONG may be unavailable after it's renewal date coming up on 1/31/15 So please do get it now while you still can. If the song ever took off in some situation like an advert or movie soundtrack, it would be a great thing to have to say that you helped it continue in the world. Thanks.

 If the 'hilarious' video or song has ever made you laugh please do consider downloading "Does My Bum Look Big in this?" tune from the iTunes store today so you can have it in your collection for parties and fun time music mixes.

Does My Bum look Big Bum SongVideo by John Munnelly (LaughJohnLaugh) 
makes the top 10 of the top of the pile of the Best Big Booty Big Butt Big Bum Songs of all time


 This is the butt end of the appeal - (too many puns, John! )

We have redesigned the site. I thought it didn't reflect the subject matter of the song enough. So have a look at the new header design and let me know if you liked the update from the old. I think it's an improvement from the previous design with the question marks.

 All the best readers, hope all is well in your world and wishing you amazing times in 2015.

 Peace John Munnelly


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