I made a wooden bench & Here's what I learned about life (Bench Listicle)

I made a wooden Bench & Here's what I learned about life & music production

  1. It's Ok to start over. Starting again is preferable to permanently putting up with a wonky situation that could have been fixed with a moderate effort. It's preferable to unscrew the pieces & break the glue joins then take it apart to examine where I made the mistake and to have a look at it. Fix the issue, then start over again with better insight this time.
  2. Make little holes to guide the larger and longer screws into their place. Screws turn in and out; and like decisions, they don't have to be permanently fixed in. But if I am a cheapskate or impatient I might wear out my screw heads with indecision. The worn head could get stuck right there where I am; neither really committed and flush to the surface and not able to reverse either.
  3. Learn as I go along. I don't have to know everything to start something new. I will know a lot more by the time I finish. I did n't really know how to do some of this stuff and only by experiencing something can I fully understand how difficult or technical it actually is. So it helps me be more compassionate to myself and to others.
  4. Enjoy the lessons that are given at every moment. It's nice being outside in the fresh air. It's good not to be at the computer today and to get to hear the birds in the trees.
  5. A little bit at a time gets the job done. I could not do it all in one go. I had to plan my one piece of the plan for today and attack just that part. Today I'm measuring the legs and cutting the angles in them. Tomorrow I can do some other part until it's finally complete.
  6. Have a variety of approaches and tools for solving problems. I needed to be flexible and not get stuck and give up in frustration. There are many ways to sand down an edge. And theres more wood in the dumpster.
  7. Ask for advice or help. The person I asked was my father-in-law. He's quiet and skilled at this sort of thing. It gave us something in common to talk about and to bond over.
  8. Look it up on the internet but make the recipe your own. I got an initial plan, but due to the size of the wood I had and the size of bench I needed, I took the spirit of the plans and made it over to fit my kitchen needs. Learn to adapt to any situation.
  9. Overexerting at the wrong moment can be counter productive. I got a terrible cold from getting sweaty outside on one of the coldest days. Might be prudent to take into account 'which way the wind is blowing' sometimes. Wear warm suitable clothes outside and be careful of getting a cold. It's a 'thing' – I heard my mother tell me about this - “Wear a scarf “ “Don't catch a cold”. “You'll put your eye out!”
  10. It's going to be OK. It's only a * bench. * = Insert word.
  11. I made a mistake and I'll make it again. Treat yourself and others kindly. I measured wrong or put some part in the wrong place in the design. It's all a lesson and I am the pupil. My audio sound productions don't always turn out the way I want them to – gotta be patient with myself.
  12. Keep going. Plane & smooth off the edges. Sand down the surfaces; so it's as beautiful as possible to the eye, and to the touch and the feel of the hand. It's going to look and be lovely when its done. I made that!
  13. Take some basic precautions but have fun and concentrate. Clamp all the wood pieces down to a solid flat unmoving object when it's going to be dangerous. I am unfamiliar with saws, sharp cutting objects and all sorts of whirring machinery.
  14. Be very super-careful of electrical tools. Them's your fingers on the floor.
  15. Enjoy the feel and empowerment of working and achievement. Ship it, real good!
  16. Finish the job no matter what. At least I can say - “I did it” High Fives!

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