On the Bridge to Williamsburg and other places like LIC Queens with Susan McKeown

Support Show on Saturday 7th March with Susan McKeown

10 days before Paddy's day we play a show in the New York Irish Center.

Susan McKeown is a singer songwriter and singer of traditional songs as well...  and plays with other people like the Klezmatics and wins Grammy's. So Shes very good indeed and I'm on the bill too .... but ... I do need to sell a few 'ticeid' -

I am worth seeing right now!  I sometimes feel like saying see me NOW before it costs you a lot more ok. Don't be moaning after oh I could have seen him in a smaller venue before he had his big hits ... well maybe ye could ... on Saturday.

so buy a ticket here and come along.
Get your discount ticket here - IAWA Discount Ticket Offer thanks! see you there 

Go Queensboro Plaza from the Q probably and the shuttle will practically leave you at the door at Vernon-Jackson.

$5 off your ticket to see Irish Grammy winner Susan McKeown and meself on Saturday at NY Irish Center LIC.

$5- VIP discount for you - get your ticket now.
I have also secured for you  a special discount coupon for $5 off so that's a good advantage -
IAWA Discount Ticket Offer
You can of course turn up at the door if tickets are still available but please do tell them you came by my invite or to see me. It helps thanks.

Show info from the NewYorkIrishCenter.org website:

Saturday March 7
Doors/Bar 7.30pm

Showtime 8.30pm

10-40 Jackson Ave, Long Island City,
NY 11101 Tel. 718 482 0909


10-40 Jackson Ave, Long Island City 
7 Train to Vernon-Jackson ( 1 stop from Manhattan)
Q to
Queensboro Plaza and short shuttle to Vernon-Jackson
LIRR at Long Island City is also very close by

PS #BoycottHershey

I'm nearly on my last nibble and squares of real Irish/UK Cadbury's fruit and nut that I got from the Butchers Block in Astoria. I would never eat the fake cause I know different. But the American consumer is n't getting that chance. So whats it about - its about reducing the product quality using yellow gloop called PGPR http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyglycerol_polyricinoleate and other emulsifiers to bind the other sugar and tiny amount of cocoa together and sell off the cocoa butter elsewhere like the cosmetics industry. It's about the money and we Irish can't get a bar of chocolate in the states cause of mean bully Hershey. Well the Irish invented the #boycott and maybe the PA giant might find people less easy to manipulate than they hope for.

Here's what PGPR is described as in Wikipedia  - PGPR is a yellowish, viscous liquid composed of polyglycerol esters of polycondensed fatty acids from castor oil. It may also be polyglycerol esters of dimerized fatty acids of soybean oil.

Some out there in the wikipedia universe claim there is a tug of info over this PGPR page with the chocolate industry 'making over' the page repetitively and then the editors having to change it back. 


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