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John Munnelly quips and banters in Limerick
John Munnelly is an award winning ASCAP singer-songwriter from Cavan, Ireland. He showed early promise as a songwriter with 'Treasure' as runner up in the Grolsch-Hot Press Songwriting Award and commendations in other Irish competitions.

His songs have been chosen for inclusion on a number of compilations and collections most notably for 'Happy Christmas' on the Contemporary Celtic Christmas Collection Album titled 'Together for Christmas. John's song received media praise and airplay nationally being described as “grin-inducing joyous” by the Irish Examiner USA and ... “an infectious tune that also tells the story... Instant classic.”Also described by press and radio as 'Beatlesque' 'modern carol-like' and a 'highlight'

John is an ASCAP (foundation) Jay Gorney award winner for a 'Song with a Social Conscience or Social Significance. ' ASCAP foundation spokesman said Munnelly's song - which chronicles the plight of a college-educated recession casualty - won because it gives a modern twist to the concerns Jay Gorney expressed in his song." Brother can you spare a Dime”

John was selected to take part in George Heslin's Origin Theater Contemporary Irish Singer Songwriters 1st Irish Music Program presenting some of the best new musical voices of Ireland.

He recently operated the sound cues for “The Flood” as part of the 2014 NY Fringe in 64E4 Theater, and for the one man and woman plays Jimmy Titanic and Magdalene at the New York Irish Center theater venue .

John is an actor appearing as 'Poe' in the Blue Bliss online video production of Edgar Allen Poe's Poem “A Dream Within a Dream”. You can see him in top hat here

He is set to make his film debut starring as the protagonists comic foil “Link” in the full length feature comedy/action-horror spoof “Hectic Knife” due to be released in 2015. John also contributed the theme song. He also appeared in the live variety comedy show 'Born Again POP' held in the 'Nothing Space' in Brooklyn and in 'Fake Henrik Zetterberg' another online comedy fish-out-of-water spoof.

John loves making fun and colorful music videos like 'does my bum look big in this?' ( and his video work can be seen on his channel.

He is a songwriter & producer currently recording new material. He released his debut album 'Hello World' in 2013 and toured Ireland to promote it. John plays out and about in NY.


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