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Re Release of ALBUM ‘HELLO WORLD’ on 07/14/15
hello world 175
Re Release of The Big Bum Song 20/06/2015
Over at Hello World HQ, John Munnelly has re-released ‘Hello World’ the album in a radio-friendly edit (aka no naughty words).  Get it on special deal at Amazon for only $7.99 -

iTunes – Big-Bum-Song-Single on iTunes
John Munnelly re Releases The Big Bum Song
Big Bum Song released through new Digital Distribution 06/20/2015
 John Munnelly is an award winning ASCAP singer-songwriter with a social conscience. Born in Ireland now of Brooklyn.  Known for his witty & humorous nature sometimes performing under the stage name ‘LaughJohnLaugh’ See his fun and colorful videos online at youtube.com/laughjohnlaugh


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